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News and Discussion of the FairTax
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  • 11/07/09--05:50: Embedded income tax costs
  • Hank posted a request for a new thread to discuss the embedded income tax costs.  He wrote “The upcoming Fairtax campaign will likely draw from the recent article on the AFFT website that I have reproduced below. I think you might want to create a new thread and either call it “embedded taxes” or “the [...]

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  • 09/09/10--05:43: FairTax 30min TV special

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  • 11/06/10--13:17: Roadmap for America
  • With the recent election shift, we’re looking at John Boehner as the Speaker of the House and Eric Cantor becoming Majority Leader.  Boehner never let the FairTax out of committee when he was House Majority Leader in 2006.  So, what will happen with the FairTax?  FairTax is a big issue with the Tea Party so [...]

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  • 11/08/10--17:43: Debt Free America Act
  • This financial transactions bill H.R. 4646 Debt Free America Act has been introduced to the 111th Congress, referred to committees, and is scheduled to be voted on in late November before the new congress takes a seat in January. It is designed to eliminate the federal income tax within 7 years. Maybe it would be [...]

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    Nothing new to add, but the discussion thread for Replacing the Income Tax has reached close to 700. So I thought I would start a new thread of discussion where you can continue without having to load and wade through all the prior content. Such a long thread can cause issues on some browsers and [...]

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  • 10/05/11--18:39: 9-9-9 Plan
  • Herman Cain 9-9-9 plan… what do you think? Current circumstances call for bolder action. The Phase 1 Enhanced Plan incorporates the features of Phase One and gets us a step closer to Phase two. I call on the Super Committee to pass the Phase 1 Enhanced Plan along with their spending cut package. The Phase [...]

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  • 10/20/11--14:14: Purple Tax Plan
  • Read this today: Laurence J. Kotlikoff, a Boston University economist who is a columnist for Bloomberg View and previously endorsed the FairTax, now proposes what he calls the Purple Tax (a blend of red and blue), a consumption levy that he says cleans up some problems with the FairTax. It taxes the benefits that homeowners [...]

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    FairTaxer @ WordPress has an interesting post regarding Romney’s comment on the FairTax discussing a paper “A Comparison Of Governor Romney’s Middle-Income Tax Proposals Vs. The FairTax Legislation”.  Hank asked us to post it for discussion. During the 12 September 2011, Republican Presidential debate, Governor Romney made the following statements in response to a [...]

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  • 06/22/12--07:00: Mitt's Plan
  • Here is Mitt’s Plan – What do you think? Romney -> Issues -> Tax Reducing and stabilizing federal spending is essential, but breathing life into the present anemic recovery will also require fixing the nation’s tax code to focus on jobs and growth. To repair the nation’s tax code, marginal rates must be brought down [...]

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  • 04/18/13--09:10: The New Fair Deal
  • It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  I read this today and thought it might be of interest.  A dozen House lawmakers and Sen. Mike Lee (R) of Utah – backed by swarms of activists affiliated with the group FreedomWorks – are offering up a package of about a dozen proposals that they’re [...]